Apollo Scooter Review 2022

The foldable mechanism of the Apollo Phantom remains consistent in quality and precision. In contrast, most electric scooters use single-layer aluminum tubes. The neck of the Phantom uses two-layer aluminum to resist pressure. This makes it ideal for high-speed riding, hard braking, and light off-roading. Apollo also takes pride in the quality of folding mechanisms. If they are not strong, they can cause the scooter’s stem to wobble.

Top speed

The Apollo Phantom has a unique folding mechanism that eliminates stem flex and provides three independent safety features: a locking ring, a safety pin, and an actual folding latch. The Apollo Phantom has wide tyres with a diameter of 10 inches and a width of 3.25 inches, offering the perfect balance between stability and nimbleness. The tread patterns on the tyres give the scooter a grippy surface that helps you maintain your grip on the road.

The top speed of the Apollo Phantom V1 scooter is around 38 mph. Its top speed is only limited by your own driving skills. To reach this level, you must ride carefully and efficiently. To maximize the range, you can use the single motor mode and make short, flat rides with few hills. While riding aggressively will significantly reduce your range, it won’t be impossible. Rather, you’ll likely experience speeds between 25 and 38 mph.


The range of the new Apollo Phantom V1 is one of the most impressive features of this scooter. The LED lighting system allows for nighttime rides. The scooter is also water-resistant and has an IP54 rating, making it a great choice for the outdoors. The new model also comes with cruise control, making it easy to stay on course no matter the weather. This review will cover all the benefits of the new model and its range.

The Phantom scooter comes with a single standard charger, but you can also purchase an optional charger for $79 or $129 that will cut down the time to charge your scooter to under six hours. A charging station with a built-in range estimator is available at no extra charge. The battery life of this scooter is long enough that most riders should expect to get at least seventy percent of its manufacturer’s stated range.

Suspension system

If you’re looking for a quality scooter for an affordable price, the Apollo Phantom might be the one for you. Its suspension system combines plug-in components to offer a high level of ride quality while reducing maintenance time. And with its pneumatic tires mounted on split rims, you can expect a long-lasting battery. This makes it a great option for a commuter or someone who wants to ride for long distances.

The suspension on the new Apollo Phantom is a real innovation. The folding mechanism on this scooter is precise and maintains a high level of quality. Most electric scooters use one-layer aluminum tubes for the neck. But the neck on the Apollo Phantom is made of two-layer aluminum that can withstand a significant amount of pressure. The result is a smooth ride for the rider, and it’s a good choice for light off-roading and hard braking. Apollo’s folding mechanism is one of their most impressive features, as weak mechanisms can cause the scooter to wobble and cause the rider to lose control.


The Apollo Phantom delivers an impressive 500 charge cycles, and its battery retains its full capacity for nearly three years. This performance is in line with what you might expect from an e-scooter that weighs seventy pounds. In addition to its impressive range, the Phantom has a proprietary quadruple suspension system, which uses four springs instead of two. This vastly improves the scooter’s shock dampening abilities. This system is also highly adjustable, with springs that can be adjusted with a spanner wrench. You can even adjust the level of deck clearance, and if necessary, the battery will provide up to seven inches of deck clearance.

While the Apollo Phantom uses a single standard charger, it comes with two additional charging ports. The optional charger costs $79 or $129 and recharges the scooter in twelve hours. It can also be upgraded to a high-capacity lithium-ion battery pack for $129, which can reduce charging time to as little as six hours. While these options are more expensive, they offer better performance and a competitive price.

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