Apollo Scooter Review 2022

If you’re looking for a high-quality scooter, consider the Apollo Explore. This scooter is made of high-quality materials and is surprisingly quiet and smooth to ride. Its smooth ride and powerful motors make it a great option for long rides, but there are a few problems to watch out for, and we’ve listed a few below. We also give you our final verdict on the Apollo Explore’s build quality and Smart Power Management system.

Compact size

The Apollo Explore is a solid all-around scooter with a surprisingly compact size. The scooter folds easily using three simple mechanisms and weighs just 52 pounds. While it’s not the lightest scooter on the market, it is much smaller than most of its competitors. Whether you’re a commuter or just like to explore your local area, the Explore has the features you need. Here’s our review of the Apollo Explore.

Smooth ride

The Apollo explore features an electric blue headlight, side deck lighting and rear fender reflector. Although the headlights are not very bright, they do serve a dual purpose of illuminating the rider and providing safety when riding at night. They are positioned in a low position and don’t shine on the road too far ahead. If you’re riding the scooter at night, you might want to get additional lights for safety.

Powerful motors

The Apollo Explore features a large, 20-inch by 90-inch deck and 5.3-inch ground clearance, which makes it a breeze to ride over obstacles. In addition, its single rear-drive hub BLDC motor generates a maximum of 1400 Watts of power, making it an excellent choice for most terrains. The scooter’s powerful brushless motors deliver up to 31 MPH and offer excellent torque and climbing capabilities.

Smart Power Management system

The battery is the heart of any electric scooter, but there’s a lot more to a battery than just getting more juice. The Apollo Explorer Scooter has Smart Power Management, which keeps the innards of the scooter running smoothly. The YZF-R6 battery is integrated into the frame, and its construction keeps out dust and moderate water blasts. This battery isn’t suited for extended use outdoors, though, as it can suffer from damage from prolonged rain.

Limited warranty

If something goes wrong with your Apollo scooter, you can be confident that the manufacturer will cover it with a limited warranty. The warranty covers manufacturing defects and shipping costs, and the company believes in ensuring complete customer satisfaction. If there’s a problem with your scooter, you can always return it for free using conventional shipping methods. However, you should know that this warranty does not cover damage or theft during transit. If you have to return the scooter, make sure to keep the packaging.

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