Apollo Scooter Review 2022

In this Apollo Scooter Review 2022, we’ll look at the power, range, folding handlebars, comfort, and safety of the Apollo Ghost. If you’re considering purchasing this scooter, you’ve probably got a few questions. The first question is: “How much power does it have?”


The steering damper in the Power of Apollo Ghost helps control the bike’s speed and lateral movement. The design of the steering damper is ergonomic and flat-palm shaped. The handlebar grips are made of high-quality material and feature a textured surface on the outside. Changing an inner tube can be a difficult task with an air tire, but the Ghost’s design makes it easier.


The range of brakes on the Apollo Ghost is excellent, as the dual disc brakes offer effective counter-acceleration. The brakes have varying strength to prevent wheel slipping. Although not as smooth as hydraulic brakes, they’re super reliable and consistently perform well. The Ghost’s handlebar grips are ergonomically shaped and can be turned to fit the rider’s hand. They’re also easily removable and replaceable.


The handlebar grips on the Apollo Ghost are flat-palm shaped and ergonomically shaped, and they’re a nice touch. The Ghost also features a texture on the outside, which makes it easy to turn the handlebars to suit your hand. You can easily remove and replace them, too, if you find that they don’t provide the comfort you want. The Ghost has a low price tag, too.

Folding handlebars

The folding handlebars of the Apollo Ghost scooter offer a unique convenience. These bars are anchored to the frame with a rotating coupler, and feature ergonomically shaped, flat-palm grips. This scooter also has high-quality flat-palm hand grips that are fixed and cannot rotate, which promotes long-term hand comfort. The cockpit of the Apollo Ghost scooter is reminiscent of many dual motor scooters, with an ignition key and bell in the center. Adding to the scooter’s safety features is a voltmeter on the left handlebar.

Suspension system

The suspension system on the Apollo Ghost Scooter can be adjusted for a variety of ride conditions. The Ghost has an adjustable spring suspension system so that it can be firm for off-road riding or softer for on-road riding. It also comes with a lockable handlebar, making it easy to adjust the ride height. The suspension system is a key part of the Ghost’s riding experience.

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