Apollo Scooter Review 2022

This Apollo Scooter Review 2022 covers all the essential points to consider when choosing an electric scooter. This review includes Mileage, Speed, Suspension, and Reliability. The speed of the Apollo Ghost is around 18 mph and it has a top speed of 15 mph. The scooter has a range of 39 miles and is available in three gear settings. Here’s a look at its features.

Top speed

The top speed of the Apollo Ghost P electric scooter is a respectable 15 mph, making it a worthy rival of Zero10X and Kaabo Mantis. The Ghost has adjustable spring suspension, allowing you to switch from a supple, off-road ride to a firm, on-road one. The resulting combination of acceleration, speed and comfort makes the Ghost an ideal electric scooter for urban dwellers.


The Apollo Ghost offers great value in an electric scooter, and its top speed of 34 mph is mind-boggling. The company’s range, acceleration, and top speed are all above average for its price class. Despite its price, the Ghost is a very capable dual-motor scooter, and the company claims that it can get you up to 39 miles on a single charge. In our opinion, the Apollo Ghost is well worth the money.


While the suspension on the Ghost is good, the bike lacks the fluidity of comparable models. It does, however, handle most impacts with a smooth ride. The Ghost is not meant for easing into speed – it’s more of a challenge to ride and controls well. The Ghost has adjustable springs, but the damping does not affect its handling or shock absorption.


The Apollo Ghost P has a high level of reliability for a dual motor scooter. Its battery pack has a record capacity of 600 charge cycles. It can be charged three times a week and still retain its full capacity for almost four years. Moreover, its split rims make it easier to change the inner tube. Some dual motor scooters have trouble changing the inner tube, and this is not the case with the Ghost P.

Build quality

The build quality of the Apollo Ghost P is excellent. It is lightweight and easy to transport, owing to its folding handlebars and stem that lock into place. The frame and wheels are made of anodized aluminum, and the rider will find them comfortable even when seated for long periods of time. The cockpit is reminiscent of most dual motor scooters, with a bell, a key-start ignition, and a voltmeter on the left handlebar.


The price of the Apollo Ghost P electric scooter is around $4,500. This scooter comes with a 52V 18.2 Ah battery pack, which translates to 946 Watt-hours of battery power. This is not much less than the battery capacity of the Apollo Explore, which is available for about $300 less. The battery pack is made by Dynavolt, a leading manufacturer of high-performance motorcycle and scooter batteries. This gives the Ghost a distinct advantage over other scooters that use dual motors.

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