Apollo Scooter Review 2022

When I first saw the Xxl Wheel Scooter, I was intrigued by its blazingly high bars and sleek integration with the latest technology. The EMOVE Cruiser and INOKIM Quick 4 are other notable models from the same line, but I decided to give the Apollo a closer look. The company’s latest release, the City Pro, is one of the tallest bars on the market. It has an impressively clean cable routing and beautiful rubber deck. The Apollo keeps setting new standards in integration and the Xxl is the second-highest bar in the world behind NAMI BURN-E.

Xxl Wheel Scooter

The Xxl Wheel Scooter is a stylish scooter with a central LCD that displays speed and other information. In addition, you can download an app to your smartphone and access the scooter’s settings and mapping. The headlight is integrated into the stem, and is surprisingly bright. The taillight is also responsive, and comes with a sensor to warn of pending accidents.

EMOVE Cruiser

The Apollo XXL Wheel is a compact electric scooter with a sleek design and a high quality ride. It’s equipped with a space-grade aluminum alloy frame, oil-painted components, and an IP56 water-resistant rating. It offers three riding modes, including fast, normal, and slow. The scooter is also equipped with an app that lets you adjust the top speed, regenerative brake, gears, cruise control, and other settings.

INOKIM Quick 4

The Inokim Quick 4 is a new electric scooter that has some advantages. Its steering is quick and precise at top speed, though the lack of a brake pedal can be unnerving at first. The brakes are dual drum, which have several benefits over disc brakes, including being maintenance free and less likely to break. The brake feel is also good, and it stops the scooter in just over 11 feet, down to zero from 15 mph.

Apollo Scooter City

This Apollo Xxl Wheel Scooter is a great option for commuters. It features ample braking power and is built with tough-as-nails space-grade aluminum alloy for extra durability. Its oil-painted frame is protected against corrosion and general wear and tear. And with its IP56 water-resistance rating, this scooter is equipped to handle most environmental conditions.

Real-world mileage

Unlike many other electric scooters, the Apollo XXL offers real-world mileage. The battery life is an impressive eight hours, and the scooter is waterproof. Its slim design and quality manufacturing make it a great daily commuter. This scooter can reach speeds of up to 31 mph, and it has a battery that holds a full charge for at least two hours. The battery’s SOC (state-of-charge) indicator keeps you informed of your remaining charge.

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