Apollo Phantom V2 – Apollo Scooter Review 2022

In this Apollo Phantom V2 – The Future of Mobility Scooters, we’ll explore the new features, including the rubberized, dead-zone thumb throttle and IP54 water resistance. Read on for our full review! It’s a compact, lightweight scooter with a high-quality ride and a host of features to please your riding needs. But the Apollo Phantom V2 has some drawbacks, too.

New rubberized, reduced dead-zone thumb throttle

If you’re thinking about buying an Apollo Phantom V2 scooter, you may be wondering whether it will work with the new throttle. The Apollo Phantom’s thumb throttle is ergonomically positioned on the right side of the key-start ignition, making it easy to control. The thumb throttle requires no special technique and feels more natural than a traditional throttle. You can also adjust the throttle with the push of a finger.

The new throttle on the Apollo Phantom V2 is much more responsive, thanks to a new rubberized, reduced dead-zone design. The new thumb throttle eliminates the dead-zone on the thumbs, allowing for more responsiveness and less jerkiness. The new throttle is also 25% faster than its predecessor, which means you can ride your scooter with confidence. This is the perfect scooter for anyone who enjoys riding a scooter but doesn’t like the idea of dealing with a traditional hand throttle.

New TOUVT-brand tires

In this Apollo Phantom V2 scooter review, we take a closer look at the TOUVT-brand tires. The newest version of this scooter is built with the same high-performance tire compound as its predecessor, the TOUVT Phantom. These 10″ x 3″ pneumatic tires feature a low-profile design that provides quick steering when standing vertically and slow-stable steering when leaning over. Tires are easy to replace and maintain because they are split in the middle. A rubberized deck is also a great feature, giving the scooter good ground clearance.

The Apollo Phantom has hydraulic and mechanical brake systems and has an impressive range of up to 31 miles. It also has a safe braking distance of under 12 feet when braking from fifteen miles per hour. The brakes, with Nutt hydraulic calipers, allow the scooter to stop in just 10.4 feet from a maximum of 15 mph.

IP54 water resistance rating

The Apollo Phantom is a water-resistant electric scooter with an IP54 water-resistance rating. Its dual 500-watt motors have a combined instantaneous output of 3200 W. This e-scooter is remarkably powerful and comfortable to ride. It also features an integrated display, self-healing tyres, and triple suspension. For $2,099, you’ll get all of these features in an electric scooter. The Apollo Phantom ranks among the best electric scooters for 2022.

The IP54 water resistance rating of the Apollo Phantom V2 – The Apollo Scooter Review 2022 shows that this electric scooter can withstand light showers, and even light rain. In fact, it’s also waterproof in a wide variety of conditions, from snow to rain. It’s built to withstand both heavy rain and light showers without damaging its performance.


The new Apollo Phantom V2 electric scooter boasts a 1000W premium LED headlight and an IP54 water resistance rating. The scooter has two front LED lights and a rear LED light, as well as a dedicated brake light and rear turn signals. Its lighting system is controlled from the left side of the handlebars. The Apollo Phantom V2 is expected to be available in 2022, so buyers should start looking for a price when it becomes available.

The Apollo Phantom will have a high-capacity battery that can travel 40 miles per charge in conservative mode. On full power, the range drops to about 25 miles. Although the manufacturer claims a range of forty miles, real-world mileage will likely be closer to 70% of the manufacturer’s cited range. The scooter will also have a range estimator on the display. The battery life will depend on your usage, but expect it to last at least seventy percent of its stated range.

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