Apollo Phantom – Apollo Scooter Review 2022

We’ve been comparing the Apollo Phantom vs. Apollo Scooter City, and we’ve come to an interesting conclusion: the Phantom is the better ride. It boasts a 600W motor and mechanical disc brakes, but how do the features of each compare? Read on to find out. And keep reading to learn more about the Phantom. We hope this review has helped you decide which scooter to buy!

Apollo Scooter Phantom vs. Apollo Scooter City

While both models of scooters have the same basic features, the biggest differences are the ride quality and battery life. The Phantom is known for its smooth ride, and the City provides the same ride quality. Both scooters are equipped with large plush tires, air cushioning between 40-45 PSI, suspension, swingarms, and sizeable handlebars. The Apollo City has adjustable top speeds and an onboard app allows users to customize the settings on their scooter. Both scooters have adjustable regenerative brakes, acceleration, cruise control, and kick-start function.

For the price, the Phantom is the better buy. The City comes with more features and is better suited for urban commuters. However, the City has an extended warranty, and is not a great investment for those who don’t need the power of an electric scooter. The new model is expected to have a 5,000-mile range. Although the Phantom is the better scooter, you can’t go wrong with either of these models. They are both well-priced, and will make your daily commute a breeze.

Apollo Scooter City Pro has a 600W motor

The new Apollo Scooter City Pro has a powerful 600W motor and a top speed of 25 mph. It can also climb steep inclines, enabling you to get to work in less than five minutes. Its nifty features also make it a great in-between scooter. It comes in black and metallic blue. Its 600W motor has a maximum range of 28 miles and can travel up to 25 mph.

The Apollo City has a 600W motor with an 86% energy conversion rate. It can reach top speeds of 25 MPH and climb 15-degree inclines with ease. You can easily ride it on city streets or public transportation. Its suspension system and air-filled 8.5-inch tires absorb road imperfections. It can reach 15MPH in just 4.1 seconds. The battery life of the Apollo Scooter City Pro is a generous twelve months.

Apollo Scooter Phantom has mechanical disc brakes

While some scooters come with hydraulic disc brakes, the mechanical discs on the Apollo Phantom scooter can be a pain to work on. If you’re unsure whether mechanical disc brakes are necessary, you can check the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that they’re installed properly. The Apollo Phantom comes with a comprehensive toolkit that includes a spare inner tube and brake pads. Though not waterproof, the scooter’s IP54 rating means that it can withstand light rain and even the occasional puddle without being damaged by water.

The HEX button in the top-right corner of the HEX display serves as a gateway to the Phantom’s P-Settings. By pressing up and down for three seconds, you’ll enter the settings menu. Pressing the directional buttons will cycle through 17 pre-set settings, including display brightness, measurement units, start style, acceleration strength, and electric brake strength. Key-lock ignition and an electronic lock provide an added layer of security to the Phantom.

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