Apollo Ghost Upgrades – Apollo Scooter Review 2022

If you’re considering purchasing an Apollo Ghost, you should know what to expect from it. The brakes on this scooter are cable-operated disc brakes, which deliver an impressive amount of bite without being hydraulic. The Ghost feels a bit more aggressive than most braking systems, and requires less lever pressure to drop the anchor. You can expect good braking performance until about 95% of the power is used up, and it’s hard to get the last 5%.

pricier model doesn’t upgrade brakes to hydraulics

There are two main types of brakes: mechanical and hydraulic. Mechanical brakes are better for performance, and are cheaper than hydraulics, which are more powerful and require less maintenance. Hydraulic brakes are also lighter and require no maintenance, but the pricier models don’t upgrade brakes to hydraulics. Both types are better than rim brakes, but hydraulic brakes have the most benefits.

A pricier model does not upgrade its brakes to hydraulics, but you can repair the brakes yourself or bring your bike to a repair shop. If you know a lot about repairing bicycles, you can even try to fix hydraulic brakes yourself if you have the proper tools. While the process may seem complex, it is possible if you know how to repair hydraulic brakes. You will need tools and brake fluid for the job, so be prepared to bring your electric bike to a repair shop. You may want to bring your tools with you, but you will add to the weight of your bike.

skeletal frame

When it comes to the Apollo Ghost, you should never skimp on the quality of the frame. The frame is equipped with dual swingarm spring suspensions and large pneumatic tyres. Its handlebars are fat and angled, with 5.5 inches of ground clearance. The Apollo Ghost’s throttle has a streamlined ergonomic design that’s more comfortable than the twist grip or thumb throttle. The bike also features a long stem, slightly angled front deck, and reinforced footrest.

The new skeletal frame makes the Apollo Ghost more durable and easy to ride. The transparent neck, swing arms, and fender supports are aesthetically pleasing. The scooter’s body has an otherwise black and white ghost-themed finish, but the skeletal frame reduces its weight. This makes it highly portable. In addition to its slim and portable design, the Apollo Ghost also has impressive acceleration. Its forged aluminium frame provides excellent durability without increasing the overall weight of the scooter.

electric re-gen braking

The electric re-gen braking system on the Apollo Ghost 2022 helps to maintain the speed of the bike even in the case of an emergency. The suspension system is adjustable and offers excellent shock absorption. The tyres on the Apollo Ghost are ten inches in diameter and feature pneumatics. This bike also has a lengthened stem, reinforced footrest and dual spring suspension.

The brakes of the Ghost are also impressive. The two-wheeled scooter features front disc brakes and re-gen braking. This system can slow the bike down to 15 miles per hour, but it also has the ability to slow down to less than three kilometers per hour. Its regenerative electric braking system provides varying levels of stopping power. It also features two brakes – one on each wheel – that maximize traction and minimize skidding.


The Apollo Ghost is a great commuter scooter with dual motors and a top speed of 34 mph. You can go from 0 to 15 mph in three seconds, depending on the settings. It also has a powerful 1,600-watt motor and a battery that allows you to ride for about 22 miles on the lowest power setting. If you are new to scooters, be sure to wear safety gear while riding and always use the brakes properly. The range of the Apollo Ghost is just shy of 30 miles, which makes it a good choice for commuters.

You can increase the mileage of your Apollo Ghost by installing a battery upgrade. The battery has an impressive 600 charge cycles and is guaranteed to stay at full capacity for almost four years. Moreover, you can easily replace the battery with a new one if you need to. This upgrade will give you a new battery with no extra charge time and you can expect a comparable performance. And you can easily upgrade the battery if you want to increase the capacity.

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