Apollo Ghost Tire Pressure – Apollo Scooter Review 2022

This Apollo Ghost Scooter review will give you the inside scoop on the Ghost’s build quality, design, acceleration, and battery pack. You will also find out how well it performs in different weather conditions and in different situations. After reading this article, you will be well-informed on this model and will be able to make an informed decision on which one to buy. After all, you deserve to buy a scooter that will give you the ride of your dreams!

Build quality

The build quality of the Apollo Ghost Scooter is outstanding. It boasts beefy construction and high visibility deck lighting. Although it’s relatively light, it’s still durable, thanks to the forged aluminium frame. The lightweight, rugged exterior is achieved by hollowing out the solid frame, making it highly portable. And with 24 months of warranty, you can be sure that your investment will be protected against wear and tear.


The Apollo Ghost is equipped with a sturdy wobble-resistant stem mechanism and neatly gathered wires. Its sleek design minimizes distractions, which is important when riding at speed. Though the scooter has some limited protection from rain, its aluminum fenders help deflect water off the tires. In rainy conditions, however, you should avoid riding the Apollo Ghost, which isn’t recommended. If you’re thinking about buying an Apollo Ghost, it’s worth comparing its specifications with those of other brands.


The Apollo Ghost is a fast electric scooter that boasts beastly brakes and dual disc brakes. It comes with hydraulic and mechanical brakes, but you can upgrade the latter for an additional $150. The standard brakes are still reliable and provide excellent stopping power. You’ll be glad to know that the Ghost’s tires have plenty of tread, which makes braking easy even in wet conditions.

Battery pack

The Battery pack for Apollo Ghost Scooter is an important part of the scooter. The scooter itself is very sturdy and features reinforced cabling, but the battery needs to be recharged frequently. The battery pack for Apollo Ghost Scooter is made from lithium-ion cells from Dynavolt and has a rated IP54 waterproof rating. You should avoid riding the scooter for extended periods in the rain, though. You can easily find replacement batteries online or from your dealer.


The suspension on Apollo Ghost is a big advantage, providing excellent traction and shock absorption. It has a 10 inch pneumatic tyre and front and rear spring suspensions. Its handlebar is ergonomic, and the seat is lined with grip tape. There’s no twist grip throttle on the 2022, but you can adjust the springs to your preference. The rear suspension adjusts as well, allowing you to match it to your weight. The front deck is slightly angled, and the footrest is reinforced.

Battery life

The Apollo Ghost scooter features a 52V, 18.2 Ah battery pack that translates into 946 Watt-hours of power. The battery life of this scooter is better than that of many scooters in its price range. The battery of the Ghost scooter is made by Dynavolt, a global leader in high-performance motorcycle batteries. This gives it an advantage over competing scooters in its price range. The battery life of the Apollo Ghost is decent, and the scooter will provide you with an ample amount of power to make it through your day.


The price of the Apollo Ghost tire pressure monitor varies by region. It is available in two versions, a standard version and a fast version. While the standard version charges in about 12 hours, the fast version recharges faster, so you can charge it at a faster pace when you need it. If you’re concerned about the price, the Ghost is available at a discount price for the first year. But before you decide on a model, read some reviews and compare prices before you decide.

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