Apollo Ghost Review – Apollo Scooter Review 2022

If you’re looking for a scooter that’s durable, light, and comfortable to ride, the Apollo Ghost is a great choice. This model has spring suspensions both in front and at the rear, and 10″ pneumatic tyres. The spring suspensions are relatively rigid, but you can easily adjust them with an Allen wrench to better match your weight or add extra shock absorption.

Max 25 degrees incline capability

The new model of the Apollo Ghost has been tested to perform well in light rain and on wet surfaces. Its battery pack is equipped with Dynavolt cells and has a total effective capacity of 946 Watthours. This makes it more powerful than many of its dual motor competitors. It also has an IP56 water resistance rating. It is easy to ride and offers decent mileage for its weight class. It is a great choice for commuters or urban dwellers alike.

The handlebars on the Ghost fold and secure with a rotating coupler. The grips on the Apollo Ghost are of high quality and flat, promoting long-term hand comfort. The cockpit looks much like that of other dual motor scooters, and its buttons and switches are easy to use and understand. The lights are low-mounted and have an opaque diffuser. They function as expected, but could be a little more ergonomically designed.

Excellent lighting system

The excellent lighting system on the Ghost scooter adds safety and visibility. The scooter has four low-mounted LED lights, including one that has an opaque diffuser for rear visibility. The under-deck LED strip is sapphire blue, providing excellent visibility and dampening over bumpy terrain. The overall appearance of the Ghost is sleek and swagger-worthy. A sleek design makes it an excellent addition to any city-dwelling commuter’s commute.

The Ghost features a QS-S4 display and a trigger throttle for easy control. There are also Eco and Turbo modes and Single/Dual motor buttons, and the handlebars and seat are peek-a-boo. The cockpit is filled with high-quality features, but could be a bit more original. The hand grips are excellent, and the lights are low-mounted and work as expected.

Rechargeable brakes

The rechargeable brakes on the new Apollo Ghost provide better stopping power, and this scooter also features cushion-like tires. The dual spring suspension is a nice feature, but one of the best parts of the Ghost is its battery. The battery life is a record 600 cycles, which means that you can ride for nearly four years without worrying about a dead battery. The batteries can be recharged three times a week, and the Ghost will retain its full capacity for almost four years. And should you experience any issues while using your scooter, you can easily replace them.

The Ghost’s cockpit is like that of most dual motor scooters. There is a key start ignition, voltmeter, and bell on the left handlebar. It has the usual controls you would expect to find on a dual motor scooter, including a voltmeter and a bell for a warning. However, the Ghost isn’t as smooth on the road, but in open areas, it rides like a dream.

Lightweight design

The Apollo Ghost electric scooter is made of high-grade materials and a sleek, black-coloured design. Its skeletal frame is made from forged aluminium and contributes to its light weight and sturdy ride. The lightweight design makes it easy to carry around and easily navigates hills. The scooter’s dual-spring suspension is ideal for riding on different terrains with uneven surfaces. It can even go up steep inclines.

The Apollo Ghost scooter has high-torque motors. Although not the fastest scooter in the world, it can conquer inclines up to 25 degrees. Its high-torque motors also enable it to handle slopes at 25 degrees. However, if you’re planning to take it off-road, it may not be as fast as other scooters in its price range. Regardless of the terrain, this lightweight scooter caters to precise braking, making it ideal for use in urban areas.

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