Apollo Electric Scooter Review 2022

If you are interested in buying a new electric scooter, you should know that the Apollo scooter has a great deal of technology and features. This model comes with a Quadruple spring suspension system, Self-healing puncture-resistant tires, and Drum brakes. There’s an App that will allow you to update the firmware of the scooter. The app uses your phone’s GPS to help you get around, and it also serves as a large dashboard for the scooter.

Quadruple spring suspension system

The Quadruple spring suspension system on the Apollo Electric Scooter is a significant component of the scooter’s design, and the Phantom features a proprietary folding mechanism that uses four springs instead of two. This dramatically increases the scooter’s shock dampening capability and dynamic travel. The Phantom also comes with ultra-wide hybrid tires, which measure 10.25 inches high and 3.25 inches wide, to give the rider excellent grip and control. Additionally, the pneumatic tyres added extra shock absorption.

The Apollo Phantom also features an innovative and patented regenerative braking system, which not only helps you stop quickly, but also recharges the battery. This suspension system works in tandem with the quadruple spring suspension system to ensure a comfortable ride on the Apollo Phantom. In addition, the Apollo Phantom is equipped with 160 mm disc brakes, which allow them to cool down faster when used. Apollo scooters are also known for their comfortable and smooth rides. The suspension systems are also exceptional, and the tyres are high-quality.

Self-healing puncture-resistant tires

The self-healing puncture-resistant tires of the new Apollo Electric Scooter 2022 offer added peace of mind when out and about. These tires can withstand nails up to two inches in diameter. The scooter’s triple spring suspension and self-healing puncture-resistant tires will help keep you safe from accidents while riding. The self-healing tires on the Apollo Electric Scooter 2022 will also help keep your scooter running smoothly and efficiently.

The self-healing puncture-resistant tires are the most important feature of an electric scooter, especially when it comes to safety. While many models of electric scooters have a strong suspension, a flat tire will cause you to slow down or stop in mid-trip. This is why the self-healing puncture-resistant tires on the Apollo Electric Scooter 2022 are so important.

Drum brakes

The Apollo Electric Scooter features dual drum brakes, which should last for a long time. Although drum brakes are not immediately grippy, they provide powerful regenerative braking. Although they are not as immediate as disc brakes, this mechanical feature is often touted as a safety benefit. However, it is important to note that they may not be as comfortable on rougher roads. If you are going to ride on a rough surface, a drum brake will be a great choice.

Typically, electric scooters use drum brakes. These brakes have a drum and backplate assembly attached to the wheel. These drums are made of cast iron, which is durable and conducts heat well. They also have brake shoes, which are made from a friction-creating material. These shoes are fitted with brake linings. You can upgrade your scooter’s drum brakes by following the instructions below.

App-enabled firmware update

If you’ve been using an Apollo Electric Scooter, you’ll be pleased to know that the latest version of the firmware is available through the App. The app will notify you whenever an update is available. The app will provide you with two types of notification: a system alert that appears on your home view and a notification that snoozes until a later date. The latter option will let you update the firmware without interruption.

Some scooters come with a speed limiter. By removing the wire, you can unlock the maximum speed of your scooter. Speed limits are necessary for safety reasons, so it’s a good idea to replace the battery regularly. Changing the speed limiter can also save you money since it doesn’t require physical modifications to your Apollo Electric Scooter. The firmware is available for most popular models and is well-tested.

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