Apollo E Scooter Review 2022

The Apollo E Scooter is an electric scooter with an innovative suspension system that offers dynamic travel with four springs instead of two. Its four suspension springs also include a rubber bump stop that prevents bottoming and topping out abruptly. Its suspension system also minimizes the trampoline effect when riding. Its weight limit is 300 pounds. It is suitable for people of all ages and is available in several colors.

EMOVE Cruiser

If you’re looking for an affordable electric scooter for city commuting, you can’t go wrong with the Apollo City Pro. The lightweight, easy to ride model comes with flat-proof tires and brakes that don’t wear down. You can even charge it quickly with the included fast charger. You can even charge it while it’s on the go! The Apollo City Pro is a great option for urban commuting, and its sleek look and design makes it an easy everyday ride.

If you’re looking for a folding electric scooter, you’ll be pleased to know that the Apollo City weighs only 39 pounds and folds into a small package. It features dual spring suspension, an 8.5-inch pneumatic tire, and highly responsive drum and disc brakes. The Apollo City electric scooter is a great choice for city living because it strikes a balance between portability and power. Its collapsible design involves three folding mechanisms.

INOKIM Quick 4

The INOKIM Quick 4 Apollo E Scooters have the power to make your commute a breeze. Their powerful 800W motors reach up to 28 mp/h and are powered by a beefy battery. The average ride distance is 50 to 75 km, and they can handle hills of up to 15 degrees. They feature a front drum brake and rear disc brake, and a bright LED headlight for increased visibility and safety.

The INOKIM Light 2 originally came with two 8.5-inch pneumatic tyres, but was later modified to include a never-flat rear tyre. By offering both options, INOKIM bridges the gap between air-filled and solid rubber tyres. While air-filled tyres are popular because of their lower flat resistance, solid tyres are considered maintenance-free.

EMOVE Cruiser vs INOKIM Quick 4

The EMOVE Cruiser is one of the best scooters on the market. Its rock-solid design and feature-completeness are impressive. Its 600-watt BLDC hub motor can reach speeds of 28 mph / 45 km/h. It can even climb 20-degree hills. In addition, it has a maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs / 160 kg.

Another feature that sets the EMOVE Cruiser apart from INOKIM Quick 4 Apollo Scooter is its battery capacity. It has a range of about 62 miles and can be charged in nine to twelve hours. This means you can commute 15 miles per day for two weeks with no worries about running out of juice. The battery is a LG 52V 30Ah, and has a capacity of 1,560Wh.

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