Apollo City Scooter Review 2022

In this Apollo City Scooter Review, we take a closer look at the new model. We’ll go over its Build quality, Range and Price. The new model is more comfortable than its predecessor. And you’ll be glad you got one for yourself. Whether you plan to use your scooter for urban or suburban travel, this scooter will help you navigate city streets with ease. But which one is best?

Build quality

The build quality of the new Apollo City Scooter 2022 is undoubtedly excellent. Its frame is made of tough-as-nails space-grade aluminum alloy. It is also oil-painted to protect it from general wear and tear. In addition, the scooter has an IP56 water resistance rating, making it ready for most conditions. This scooter is designed to be safe and reliable in the urban environment.


If you are considering purchasing a new scooter, you may want to consider the design of the 2021 Apollo City. Its engineering and design are similar to the Zero 9, which is a popular scooter among those who are looking for a high quality scooter with low maintenance costs. The Apollo City also features a mobile app to make maintenance even easier. Its stylish design is perfect for cruising the city and exploring new neighborhoods.


The Apollo City scooter is available to pre-order now. The base model costs US $1,499 and the Pro model costs US $1,799 and CAD $1,899. If you decide to order one right now, you’ll receive special gifts and other discounts from Apollo. This review is written by Daniel, a scooter enthusiast who owns more than 50 scooters and works part-time as an SEO specialist.


The Apollo City Scooter 2022 is a very advanced commuter scooter, packed with features that make it ideal for urban use. Its battery is an impressive 52V 18Ah Dynavolt unit that powers a 1000W motor. It has 3 speed settings, and can travel up to 34 miles. The price is just right to attract commuters to buy this scooter. Here are some of its key features and specs.


When you purchase an Apollo City Scooter, you’ll be pleased to learn that the company stands behind their products with a full two-year warranty, which covers many components. Besides this, the company will also provide repair training and service centers for any problems that may arise. The company also offers a great warranty program for their electric scooters. So, you’ll be protected from the first day you buy it.

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