10 Best Electric Scooters of 2021

>>Best Rated Electric Scooters<<

Today we’re taking a look at the best electric
scooters for adults and commuting to work. We’ll be giving you our favorite options
from the e-scooters we reviewed this year including the best categories in speed, durability,
range, portability, and price. Keep in mind this list is from the scooters
we have tested, so if you need more info on a specific scooter, be sure to check out our
other videos. Also, make sure to check out the description
for links to all the scooters mentioned since we’ll put the links to the best deals and
coupon codes to save you money. First up on our list is the best overall commuter
e-scooter – the Segway Ninebot MAX.

This scooter came out a few years ago, and
it’s been tried and tested by so many riders that it’s now become one of the best selling
models. The MAX is capable of going up to 40 miles
on a single charge and has a top speed of 18mph. It has a large base and tall handlebars, making
it perfect for heavier or taller riders, with a max rider weight of 220 lbs. It comes in at $799 from Amazon with free
prime shipping. The only drawback to the Segway MAX is the
weight of the scooter, coming in at 42 lbs. There’s also a slightly different MAX G30LP
model, which is very similar but has a smaller battery with 25 mile of range, but it’s
also $100 less priced at $700 and 3 lbs lighter than the regular MAX. Next up, another option for commuting is the
Segway Ninebot F40. It’s part of Segway’s newest lineup and
features a redesigned steel tube frame with a sturdy build. With a max rider weight of up to 265lb, a
top speed of 19mph, and advertised range of up to 25 miles — the F40 will quickly become
a contender to the Segway MAX.

It goes just as fast, has a sleeker design
and weighs only 35 lbs. It has a starting price of $750, but there
are some limited time deals available getting it down to only $629, so check the links in
the description of this video. If case you’re looking for budget friendly
scooters that still have nice features and solid durability, check out the GoTrax G4. The GoTrax scooters have quickly become a
top choice for riders in cities and towns. The G4 scooter can go up to 20mph, with a
range of up to 25 miles and Priced at $600, but with a coupon code you’ll save $100
bringing it down to only $500.

The G4 has a sturdy frame, 10” tires, and
a max rider weight of 220 lbs. One of the unique features of the GoTrax is
the built in safety lock with a retracting cord on the side of the front stem. There’s a 4 digit lock that you can quickly
set by flipping a switch, putting in your own combo and then setting it. These are the only scooters we’ve tested
that have a built in lock, which is great for keeping your scooter secure. If you’re looking for more range, also check
out the GMAX from GoTrax, which has the same build as the G4 but with a larger battery
giving you up to 45 miles of range, while coming in at $800.

Another great option in the similar price
range is the MacWheel MAX. The MacWheel has a top speed of 19mph, and
a range of up to 30 miles. With a sturdy build, it can hold riders up
to 220 lbs and also features front suspension, which is a nice addition for a scooter for
the price. It’s available on Amazon with Prime for
$700 and with coupons available to save $100, bringing it down to $600. MacWheel also has smartphone app connectivity,
which is another added bonus for a scooter at this price range. The only downside to the MacWheel MAX is the
weight, coming in at 48 lbs, which is heavy to carry. If you’re looking for a scooter that goes
even faster, while also being more compact – take a look at the Fluid Horizon from FluidFreeRide.com. The Fluid Horizon goes up to 25mph, with a
500 watt rear wheel motor that peaks at 800w of power. The Horizon also features suspension on the
front and back, which helps absorb cracks and bumps.

And this scooter can fold down to be very
compact with the ability to fold down the grips as well. The handlebar height is also adjustable which
is great for shorter riders. The Horizon has a max rider weight of 265lb
and weighs 40 lbs. For range and battery, you have 2 options
when buying- the 10.4aH for $700 which gives 20 miles of range. Or the slightly larger 13Ah that will give
you 25 miles for $800. We tested the 13Ah version, and we really
liked the speed and range it had to offer. If you’re looking for a fast, monster electric
scooter, make sure you look at the Apollo Phantom with a top speed of 38mph. With Dual front and rear Motors at 1,200 watt
each, it has super quick acceleration. For suspension, it features quadruple spring
suspension – two in the front and two in the rear. The Phantom has a futuristic design and rugged
build, while still being sleek and stylish.

With a max rider weight of 300 lbs, a ground
clearance of 5.7 inches, and 10” tires, this beast is built for taller and heavier
riders who want power and speed. And if all those specs don’t scare you,
then hopefully the price won’t – it comes in at $2,100 and is available from FluidFreeRide.com
in the US. Canadians can buy directly from Apollo’s
website. Next, if you’re looking for a monster scooter
that comes in at the right price, we recommend the HiBoy Titan.

For $1,000, or with coupons bringing it down
to $900, it features a top speed of 25mph, a rear wheel 800 watt motor, and an advertised
range of 28 miles. The Titan has a heavy duty and rugged frame,
with suspension on both the front and back wheel. This gives a ground clearance of 6 inches
and the tires are 10 inch with air tubes with tread that’s good for both street and off
road riding. The Titan also has LED lights built into the
deck on both sides that have a series of strobes in all different colors.

It looks cool and helps make sure cars will
see you on the road. Another large scooter packed with plenty of
features, with a sleek design is the Inokim Quick 4. This is a perfect all around scooter with
a good balance of power, range, and portability. It has a 600 watt rear motor to give it a
top speed of 25mph. It also features dual suspension along with
10” air filled tires, which make it a super comfortable ride, and has a rider weight of
up to 220 lbs. Another unique feature of the Inokim is the
super wide deck for your feet, which makes it wide enough that you can easily ride facing
forward. The scooter also has an adjustable height
handlebar, so you can adjust it for shorter or taller riders. The Quick 4 is also very easy to fold, with
the handlebars able to fold down so the entire scooter becomes smaller and easy to carry. For the battery, it has a 52 volt 16 amp hour
battery that will give up to 40 miles of range. Finally, we wanted to give an honorable mention
to the Boosted Rev scooter.

Although Boosted has gone out of business,
the Boosted Rev is still one one of the quickest and best designed scooters we’ve tested. BoostedUSA got a hold of the rest of their
Rev scooters and still have plenty in stock to sell. Priced at $1,600, the Rev has an awesome design,
sturdy build, and dual motors in the front and rear to give it tons of torque off the
line. With a top speed of 24mph and range of up
to 22 miles, it makes for a super quick and perfect commuter ride – despite having no
suspension. BoostedUSA also has a 60 day warranty on the
Rev and for longer term repairs, they have thousands of spare parts to fix any damaged
scooters, as well as plenty of Boosted accessories. With our coupon code “TECHWEWANT”, you’ll
get the Boosted Daypack commuter backpack for free with your order which is normally
$180 bucks. Alright, that’s it for now. None of the companies in the video are sponsoring
us, but we do get a small commission if you end up buying one, so if you found this review
helpful, please follow the links in the description to help us out.

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